In its years of experience listening to clients, adapting through its experience acquiring real estate since 1992, CCI has developed a proprietary capital markets team that is equipped to structure all forms of secured and unsecured financing and preferred equity, and has the ability to complete complex corporate transactions. We have built extensive and deep relationships with key lenders, including commercial banks and insurance companies, enabling us to obtain low cost financing with flexibility to facilitate the execution of our business plans.

CCI conducts its investment activities through its series of funds, primarily the Private Equity Fund and M.B.M. Funds. CCI's clients are private institutions and high net worth indiviudals.

Over the past 23 years, CCI has executed a focused, value-added investment strategy on behalf of its clients. We believe that CCI has demonstrated a consistent track record over multiple market cycles due to an exhaustive focus on operating properties optimally and constantly adapting business plans to changing market conditions. This proactive and flexible asset management style facilitates risk management and enables CCI to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.