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CCI conducts its investment activities through its series of funds, the Private Equity Funds (PEF), Select Investment Funds (SIF) and Mailbox Money funds (MBM). CCI’s clients are public and private pension funds, university endowments, foundations, financial institutions and high net worth individuals. Previously purchased property types include office buildings, office condominiums, retail, apartment communities, mini-warehouses, industrial distribution and warehouse facilities, and land. The characteristics of the properties in which CCI seeks to invest have historically included undervalued, mismanaged, and undercapitalized properties. Upon purchasing target properties, CCI formulates and aggressively implements property specific leasing and management plans. This includes making value added capital improvements where appropriate.

Since 1992, CCI has executed a focused, value-added investment strategy on behalf of its clients. We believe that CCI has demonstrated a consistent track record over multiple market cycles due to an exhaustive focus on operating properties optimally and constantly adapting business plans to changing market conditions. This proactive and flexible asset management style facilitates risk management and enables CCI to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. The condition of real estate markets and different property types within the target markets are in a state of constant flux. CCI’s strategy is designed to be flexible in order to capitalize on those changes. CCI focuses on buying in the early stages of an upward market swing. CCI uses low to moderate leverage when making investments in keeping with its primary goal of capital preservation. This is consistent with the philosophy that low debt provides low risk. In order to purchase a property with some degree of debt, the building’s cash flow must more than sufficiently cover the debt service.

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