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Our core investment belief when we started Capital Commercial Investments, Inc. (“CCI”) in 1992 was “Capital Preservation First, Profit Second.” After more than 100 limited partnerships and the launch of our CCI Private Equity Funds (“PEF”), we remain unwavering in our commitment to this credo. Since its inception, CCI has been consistent in contrarian, value-added real estate investments in the office, retail and industrial sectors in the United States.

The foundation of CCI is the strength of its “team” environment and careful adherence to developing a reputation of perseverance, respect, and integrity. CCI’s value-enhancement strategies to improve an investment’s potential for capital appreciation include aggressive leasing, capital improvements, repositioning and operational plans to grow net operating income. We believe our diverse and experienced team excels at finding value across a broad spectrum of potential real estate investment opportunities, and realizes the greatest possible returns while minimizing risk. While we continue to grow as a company, these values will remain the most important building blocks of our future success.

CCI Advantage

Capital Commercial Investments, Inc. has historically delivered exceptional returns due to:

Proactive asset management
Flexibility to pursue various asset types within fluctuating market cycles
The skill to identify opportunity where others cannot
The insight and experience to minimize risk

The extensive and diverse backgrounds of our team of professionals gives us the ability to quickly identify and assess opportunities and the insight to creatively structure solid investment and exit strategies. We enhance the value of our portfolios by charting the best course for each investment and diligently staying on course.

CCI has traditionally had a strong presence in the Texas and Southwestern marketplace, and in recent years has extended its reach to the Northeast and Southeastern regions of the US, allowing for greater geographic diversification. This, coupled with its established experience in the various real estate product types, has enabled CCI to offer its partners a wide range of investment offerings while minimizing risk through product diversification. Our sustained commitment to excellence and superior performance has allowed us to build upon the trust and confidence of our growing family of investors and institutional clients.

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