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For over 31 years, Capital Commercial Investments, Inc. (“CCI”) has been a consistent, contrarian, value-focused real estate investor realizing average annual returns of 26% on completed investments with CCI’s full discretion over major decisions. After more than 210+ successful investments, CCI remains unwavering in its commitment to this principle. The foundation of CCI is the strength of its “team” environment.

With a veteran staff totaling more than 400 years of combined industry experience, CCI’s experienced team excels at finding value across a broad spectrum of potential real estate investment opportunities and realizes the greatest possible returns while minimizing risk.

Investment Focus

Asset Types: Offices, Industrial/ Flex, Mixed-Use, and Development.

Four Investment Models

Contrarian Value-add (“Capital Accumulation”): Class A & B Office/Industrial properties with shorter-term holding periods and value-enhancement strategies including physical improvements, aggressive leasing, and operational savings.
Dividend Cash-flow Investments (Mailbox Money “MBM“): long-term, cash-flow investments with embedded industrial and office tenants.
End of Corporate Life Investments: office and industrial properties being sold by Fortune 500 companies.
Development: office and industrial construction for build-to-suit tenants and speculative construction in supply constrained markets with low vacancy.

Significant Track Record

26% IRR on completed investments (net of fees) with CCI’s full discretion over major decisions.
Last 5 Years – 20% IRR to LP Investors (net of fees).

Core Competency


  • Focused on acquiring value-add opportunities in high-growth markets
  • Specialized in repositioning former Fortune 500 company campuses


  • Over 400 years of combined industry experience
  • Institutional experience from USAA, Tishman Speyer, Fortress, and Blackstone

Access to

  • Multiple institutional partners and over 800 private investors
  • Deploy capital rapidly into opportunistic investments to guarantee certainty of close

Deal Flow

  • Longstanding real estate relationships with lenders and brokers across the Sun Belt
  • Extensive access and research into off-market deals


  • Nationwide in high-growth markets
  • Mix of stabilized and value-add assets
  • Office & Industrial properties

Business Plan


  • Focus on well-located, quality assets that require capital renovations, in need of brand repositioning, and/or poorly managed
  • Former Fortune 500 campuses at the end of corporate life
  • Enter markets at the bottom of the real estate cycle


  • Identify and assign the top brokerage team in the submarket to accelerate lease-up
  • Maintain extensive relationships with Fortune 500 companies to facilitate corporate relocations into target markets
  • Reduce operating expenses by efficiently and cost-effectively managing the asset
  • Utilize in-house construction team to significantly lower capital improvement costs


  • Sell fully repositioned, stabilized property to institutional buyers
  • Recapitalize the investment and continue to actively manage

The Nature Foundation


Investing in the Power of Purpose: In line with its strong dedication to Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), CCI is making significant investments in the power of purpose by proudly endorsing The Nature Foundation. This collaboration aims to drive impactful environmental and social initiatives that shape a sustainable tomorrow. By aligning with The Nature Foundation, CCI underscores its shared core values of protecting biodiversity, combating climate change, promoting sustainable practices, and actively working towards a greener tomorrow.

CCI recognizes the importance of investing in organizations like The Nature Foundation that are committed to making a positive difference in the world. Together, we strive to create a lasting impact on environmental conservation and social responsibility. Through this partnership, CCI not only reinforces its ESG commitments but also supports the vision of The Nature Foundation in their pursuit of a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

The Nature Foundation: Bridging the Gap for Global Environmental Conservation

In a world driven by the urgent need for environmental preservation, The Nature Foundation stands out as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to creating, funding, and promoting nature conservation projects worldwide. With a dual focus on biodiversity and climate initiatives, their mission extends to supporting investments in vital areas such as ocean and river pollution cleanup, reef restoration, land conservation, reforestation, and carbon reduction.

What sets The Nature Foundation apart is their unwavering commitment to connecting individuals and corporations seeking to make a tangible impact. Recognizing that environmental responsibility is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry that affects people and corporations on a global scale, the organization strives to foster awareness, closely monitor environmental changes, and adapt strategies accordingly. By doing so, they aim to establish a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility that transcends boundaries and leaves a positive mark on our planet.

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