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In its over 15 years of experience listening to clients, adapting to marketplace demand, anticipating and understanding customer needs, Capital Commercial Development has developed valuable insights and methodologies that reduce the risks and complexity of the development process for you. Capital Commercial Development has owned and operated over 6 million square feet of real estate and developed over 50 buildings in the past few years.

We believe the unmatched quality of the Capital Commercial Development product and development experience is the result of our integrated team process, wherein you have a single point of contact throughout development, complete project orchestration–from land purchase to development planning, from municipal negotiations to all-phase construction– and expert assessment and improvement of both internal and external processes. At Capital Commercial Development, our philosophy is to put you at ease, from start to finish, by building on a foundation of trust.

The cornerstones of Capital Commercial Development’s success have been our ability to listen to and understand our client’s needs. We operate on a platform of open and transparent communication with both our clients and project partners.

As a developer, Capital Commercial Development provides full project management. Using the latest technology we are able to track and report on project status, budgets, and milestones. We understand that clients undertaking a build-to-suit or design-construct project are highly concerned about communication, adherence to budgets and time commitments. Based on our client’s needs, Capital Commercial Development provides a project communication platform (web based, written reports, emails, face to face meetings) that ensures that our clients are always informed of the project status and deadlines.

Expectations are extremely important for every party involved and are set during the evaluation process. This is critical for the perception of success for the project. It is our philosophy to complete a thorough evaluation of our client’s needs before estimates are provided. During this evaluation we are able to determine areas of the building that can be value engineered, determine specific facility requirements that may be unique to the operations, and identify the quality and level of architectural detail the client desires. All factors during this evaluation process impact the cost and need to be communicated to the client.

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