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Capital Commercial Investments bases its investment strategy on identifying well-located institutional quality properties that suffer from temporary or correctable flaws in their tenancy, physical attributes, capital structures, market position and/or management. By exploiting the pricing inefficiencies inherent in assets of this nature and employing intensive asset management to correct the identified flaws, CCI can reposition the assets for subsequent sale to purchasers at premium pricing.

CCI’s real estate philosophy is generally guided by the fundamental premise that future cash flow, not “trophy status,” ultimately determines the value of an asset. We believe that rigorous due diligence, the use of conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows, and careful analysis of possible downside risks are the best methods for consistently achieving attractive returns.

In evaluating any investment opportunity, one of CCI’s primary considerations is the potential exit strategy. To that end, the firm focuses on making investments in high quality, well-located assets that should appeal to a wide group of subsequent buyers.

Much of CCI’s success can be attributed to anticipating promising new investment themes before they become commonplace in the market. CCI is constantly monitoring real estate markets and product types to identify and develop the most beneficial investment strategy based on asset class, timing, geography and targeted groups of sellers. This allows the firm to rapidly develop expertise within specialized areas, to react quickly to potential opportunities and to develop strong relationships with key partners.

Although CCI aggressively manages the capital structure of its investments, it adheres to a policy of prudent leverage. We continually examine the capital structure of each investment to improve investment returns while minimizing risk.

CCI’s ability and willingness to source, evaluate and execute complex transactions within a short time frame is one of its key competitive advantages. This capability is attributable to the diverse experiences of its professionals, many of whom have backgrounds in deal structuring, mergers and acquisitions, architecture, bankruptcy, and tax and public securities. CCI will continue to make investments at attractive valuations by focusing on finding creative solutions to complex situations involving underperforming and/or improperly capitalized assets.

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